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"I would like to thank you for the exceptional way you handled my car accident lawsuit."

Testimonial by S.K. of Windsor in October 2021

I can’t thank you enough for your assistance with this matter. Your advice and guidance has been greatly appreciated and has kept my mind at ease throughout this process.

Google Review by Helen Glancy on August 24, 2019

Great service and such a friendly team.

Google Review by Randy Diestelmann on May 20, 2018

Excellent team of partners. Professionalism and skill set to match any firm in Southwest Ontario.

Testimonial by D.M. of Essex County

Dear Mr. Drake

I would like to thank you for the exceptional way you handled my car accident lawsuit. At no time was I ever left in the dark, you responded to my emails very promptly and explained to me at all times what the next course of action needed to be taken.

In a nutshell you handled my case in a most professional manner.

I would also like to thank Tanya, your assistant .

I would not hesitate to recommend you Mr. Drake or your law firm.

Again my many thanks.

Testimonial by M.Q. of London

Michael Drake was an amazing lawyer, I am very impressed by the service he provided me. He provided me with great advice and was always there with a quick response when I needed questions or concerns to be answered. I would definitely recommend Mike to family and friends.

Recently, my personal injury claim was settled thanks to the work of Michael Drake. I first connected with Mike through a Windsor personal injury website. The accident that caused my injury occurred in Michigan and I had difficulty obtaining a lawyer who felt the case was worthwhile taking. Mike was not only willing to take the case, he thoroughly explained all the possibilities that it would entail. During the negotiation process, Mike kept me informed with regular updates, including copies of all correspondences. He explained everything well, was always quick to answer questions, went out of his way to meet with me, and gave me expert, well informed advice.

I highly recommend Mike for his professionalism, hard work and willingness to put my needs first. Thanks again!

Testimonial by R.G. of Chatham

Just a note to let you know how thankful I am for all of the hours of paperwork and preparation you have spent for “W” and myself. My husband was a fine wonderful gentleman and family man and I miss him so very much.

I was sorry he was not with me as I read the letter I received from you to notify me of the settlement after all of these years. The fateful decision of a stranger that so upset our lives, my husband and I did not need to have happen.

Thank you so much for being there for “W”, myself and my family.

Testimonial by S.L. of Windsor

I recently worked with Michael Drake to settle my personal injury claim. He was referred to me by another lawyer who was not interested in taking my case. And I’m very glad he did. Michael was very knowledgeable, thorough, and honest. From start to finish, he always kept me informed on where we were in the claims process. He worked very hard on my case and his expertise helped us settle for much more than I was expecting

Michael will be my first choice for personal injury claims if I ever have one again. I recommend him very highly.

Testimonial by T.V. of Windsor

After suffering multiple injuries in a Motor Vehicle Accident in 2014 I didn’t know what to expect or how to handle the new situation I was in. So on the internet I went!!! I found CBR Law Firm and Mr. Michael Drake was called. He returned my call promptly and started to handle my case immediately and took charge of all of my claims and details. What a relief that was to know that I had the Professional help I needed.

From day one to the Final Settlement in 2016 Michael Drake worked hard for me and was very Organized, Professional and Friendly. Constantly keeping me informed though e-mails, phone calls and meetings. I was never guessing of what was happening next 🙂

Michael Drake is very Patient and Passionate of his cases and he went Far and Beyond my Expectations always.

This whole experience with my Lawyer Michael Drake was a Very Positive Experience and was handled fast with all of the required documentation needed to finish.

There was never a doubt in my mind that Michael wouldn’t stop until he got the best settlement for my Future.

Therefore I would Strongly Recommend your legal services be performed by Michael Drake at CBR Law Firm.

Thank You Again

Testimonial by Windsor of R.H. on March 4, 2019

CRB Law really came through for me. Michael Drake was a pleasure to deal with and really took the time to walk me through my entire process. I really felt he was looking out for my best interests.

Thank you Mike and CRB Law.

Google Review by Jacqueline Poupard on January 17, 2017

Excellent service! Great staff… They get the job done

Testimonial by M.B. of Windsor

I was involved in a personal injury matter that left me feeling completely wronged, helpless and damaged. I myself have worked in the legal community for over twenty years and, at first, was apprehensive about contacting a lawyer. I felt I could handle my case on my own but things quickly became overwhelming. The firm of CRB Law, specifically Michael Drake and his Legal Assistant,

Tanya Queen have been instrumental in helping me navigate the legal system. They represented me with competency and expertise – I will eternally be grateful to them. Every member of Mike’s team acted with compassion and professionalism. This firm stands far above any other law firm I have known in our community for their superior legal skills, invaluable advice and in advocating on my behalf – I would not have trusted any other firm to handle my case.

From my first meeting with Mike, through all interactions with Tanya and other members of CRB Law, I always felt I was in the hands of true professionals. Never once did I have the need to ask for clarification or question any step in my case, Mike and his team’s attention to detail is an inspiration, something one does not encounter very often in today’s legal climate.

Mike and Tanya, I want to thank you so much for taking my case and seeing it through to the end, with the utmost professionalism and positive outcome. I feel you went above and beyond for me professionally and personally, sharing this journey with me with hard work and dedication. It has been a relief to have such an outstanding team of lawyers and legal professionals on my side, especially during such a stressful period of time. And, Tanya no words can explain my gratitude for your helpfulness, encouragement and patience you showed and continue to show me. I am pleased with my outcome and the whole process was easy with you at my side.

I would highly recommend Mike and his team at CRB Law to anyone in need of legal help because “representation matters” and Mike is dedicated in helping his clients just as if he was helping his own family.

Thank you very much to each and every member of the CRB Lawfirm!

Testimonial by LaSalle of P.A.

I was in a car accident a few years ago. I called a few lawyers but they seem to think that I had no case. My sister in law heard about Michael Drake and told me about him so I called and made an appointment.

He made me feel very comfortable on my first visit, and Michael explained everything to me about what would happen through the process. During the negotiation he kept me informed about everything, updates, copies of correspondence, etc.

Michael will always put you first and he will work very hard for you.

Testimonial by C.N. of Windsor

A few years ago, I was in car accident that caused by other vehicle who did not stop at stop sign. That week later, I started have sore neck, back and hip. I did use up all minor injury benefit $3,500 worth for massage and chiropractic. It only last 4 months and it is not enough benefit for me. I has been sore back for a long time. I was not able to perform same way as pre-accident after benefit run out. It cause our marriage and family stress because I depend my family and wife to help me for some chores. I decided to get started find lawyer until I found Mr. Drake lawyer. He gave me all possible case what look like I might win. He keep informed me by email for any progress and updates on our case. For a little over 1 year, he helped me to get through all process and negotiate back and forth until I accepted the deal. Those deal was good and it meet my expectation. The settlement cheque gave me and my family closure for what I went suffering sore and pain in back. So now I can able start focus on treatment on my back and get back to our life. I recommended anyone who need lawyer who has injury from vehicle accident. I recommend Mr. Drake.

Google Review by Deborah Matthew on June 14, 2018

Great lawyers

Testimonial by J.P. of Windsor

First and foremost I want to start off with Tanya, I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart. I don’t know where I would be without you, I do know I wouldn’t be here regarding the case. From day one when I worked for Rob we became close and you helped me a lot with work and I trusted your advice and opinion. When I got in my accident it was you that directed me to go with Mike. If we didn’t have such a close friendship who knows who I would have picked as my lawyer and what the out come would have been. So I thank you for referring me to Mike and telling me I would

be in the best care with him, like I said I trusted you and knew you had my best interest in mind. So I chose to go with Mike and I thank God I did everyday. While this case went on there were many many different times I wanted to give up and call it quits and just settle. The last 5 years have been the most stressful and depressing years of my life and if it wasn’t for you Tanya I would have quit on year one. You were there on many occasions when I called to talk and get reassurance and you always told me to stick it out and that it would be worth it in the end. We have laughed together and you’ve seen me cry many times. So I don’t think I could ever thank you enough for what you have done for me. We started off as work friends to a client and now I know I gained a friend who truly cared about my future. So thank you for being the caring person that you are.

Mike, I want to thank you so much for being there for me and keeping me informed the entire time and for also having my best interest in mind. After Tanya recommended you and telling me I would be in the best hands, from day one to the very last day you always kept me informed and help me make the best decisions through out this entire time. You always understood how I was feeling, the stress that comes with being off of work and in pain all the time. You always reassured me things will work out. The outcome of the case was above what I could of ever of thought it would be and

made me secure about what future my son and I could possibly have after my injuries. I thank you from the bottom of my heart for working so hard these past 5 years to make sure I got everything I deserved from this accident. I appreciate both of you more then you will ever know.

Thank you once again for helping me get through the worst days of my life. I would definitely recommend Mike and the whole Chodola Reynolds Binder firm. I hope to keep in touch since you two have become special people in my life.

Testimonial by R.S. of Toronto

I want to acknowledge Michael Drake for his professionalism and personable approach in working with us on behalf of my mother regarding her slip and fall case. Michael was very thorough and always took the time to explain the process to us. From our first meeting through to the completion of the case Michael walked us through everything step by step and was there to take care of all the details. We were pleased that Michael was able to handle all of the interactions with the other parties in the case, which made the whole process very stress free for us. Michael even offered to drive up to Toronto on a Saturday so that we could sign all of the documents at the end of the case.

I have nothing but good things to say about our experience with Michael, and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend him.

Testimonial by M.P. of Windsor

I highly recommend Mike Drake! Mike is extremely organized, compassionate, aggressive and very thorough. He will go over and above to get you the end result you are expecting. His care and service was exceptional! I highly recommend Mike if you want a lawyer who is dedicated. He is very easy to talk to and will answer every question thoroughly! Thank you Mike for a great experience and end result!

Testimonial by Jenica

I am writing to thank you for the outstanding work you did for me. Words cannot give my appreciation justice. The level of professionalism from you was second to none. I felt very comfortable and secure in your judgement from the beginning to the end. Your foresight on all matters of my case was truly remarkable. I was very happy with my settlement.

I owe the success and victory of my case to your dedication and perseverance, which you showed throughout the two years that you were handling my case. It goes without saying that I will always refer to your firm if the need ever arises that I shall need any legal assistance again. Once again my heartfelt thanks and appreciation.


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