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Windsor Personal Injury Lawyers

Michael Drake of our team will visit you personally in Windsor if that is easier for you for a free no hassle no obligation consultation for your case.

Chodola Reynolds Binder (CRB Law) is a Personal Injury Law firm that has helped many Windsor residents in order to be provided Long Term Disability Benefits, compensation for  injuries from a slip and fall, or recovery of damages from injuries in a car accident. 

Michael Drake of our team will visit you personally in Windsor if that is easier for you for a free no hassle no obligation consultation for your case. You will not be in any way inconvenienced to have the experience and dedication of our personal injury team. We will be there for you.

We can help you with the following types of cases:

Car Accident

Every automobile insurance policy contains mandatory accident benefits coverage. A list of available benefits is set out in the Statutory Accident Benefits Schedule. Please note that on September 1, 2010, mandatory Accident Benefits have changed in Ontario.

Insurance Claim

A claim as against your own Insurer as a result of damages caused to your business may arise from incidents that include water damage, theft, vandalism or fire. Your business will have paid for insurance benefits that may be available. A denial of a claim advanced through your Proof of Loss may result in the need to consult with a lawyer to discuss possible options.

Slip and Fall

Every day we are faced with hazards from poorly maintained properties.

Property owners are obligated to keep their properties safe for anyone who enters the property. Ice, snow, water, poor lighting, structural defects, trips and falls that cause personal injuries.

Disability Claim

There are countless individuals who suffer from a disability today. Disabilities can be of a physical or psychiatric nature, addictions, or sickness and disease.

Despite the type of disability, if you or someone you know has been denied a claim from an insurance company you will require an experienced lawyer to analyze the clauses within a disability policy, and one who will fight to obtain the benefits you deserve.

Medical Malpractice

Medical malpractice occurs when the negligence of a physician or other healthcare professional causes injury or death. It can result from treatment improperly administered, surgery improperly performed, an improper or missed diagnosis, or the administration of an unnecessary medical or surgical procedure.

Animal Attack & Dog Bites

Animal attacks may leave a victim both physically and emotionally scarred.

The legislation in Ontario holds animal-owners liable for any injuries they may cause to the public. Areas of compensation that may be available to victims include damages for pain and suffering, past and future lost income, economic compromise, future health care, housekeeping costs, in addition to any out of pocket expenses incurred.

And more

If you are suffering after an accident, don’t give up hope. All Sarnia residents are entitled to a completely free and no-obligation consultation. 

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There are time limitations that could prevent you from making a claim. To ensure that your rights are protected, you should immediately consult our personal injury lawyers as soon as possible. We are available 24/7 to help you.