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Windsor Animal Attack and Dog Bite Lawyers

Animal attacks may leave a victim both physically and emotionally scarred.

Animal attacks may leave a victim both physically and emotionally scarred.

The legislation in Ontario holds animal-owners liable for any injuries they may cause to the public. Areas of compensation that may be available to victims include damages for pain and suffering, past and future lost income, economic compromise, future health care, housekeeping costs, in addition to any out of pocket expenses incurred.

Subsequent to any animal attack, it is wise to consult a lawyer immediately so that he or she may assess your case and notify the animal owner of your intention to commence a legal action. As with any legal action in Ontario, there are time limits which govern a victim’s ability to commence a law suit against a responsible party. These statutory time limits may prohibit your rights to recover for any losses that you would otherwise be entitled. Assessing your damages and guiding you through the procedural steps in place in Ontario requires the analysis and experience of a personal injury lawyer.

One of the most common animal attacks in Ontario are dog attacks. Dog attacks should be reported to the corresponding Municipality’s Animal Control Services Branch so that any investigation required on their end may be completed without hesitation. In many instances, a dog may have a history of attacks or disease, which are or need to be recorded by Animal Control. The governing legislation in Ontario for dog bites is the Dog Owner’s Liability Act. This legislation not only holds owner’s generally liable for their animal’s attack, but also sets controls and bans for certain dogs within a residential household.

If you have been injured by any animal, it is imperative that you attend at your local hospital to ensure that you have not contracted any disease, and to ensure that you receive the required treatment.

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